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Niche Magazine Winter 2004

Artist Joy Lomenick kept the fire at bay, armed with a hose to water down the trees surrounding her Simi Valley property. "We ended up with one slightly torched tree," she says. Lomenick is especially thankful, considering her track record with natural disaster: She was out of business for over a year after the earthquake in 1994. Pictures of Fire
Los Angeles Times Newspaper Article

Monday, May 8, 2000

She's a little bit country -- and a little bit whimsical

* Name : Joy Lomenick
* Family status: Married with one child.
* Age: Old enough to know better but not enough to care.
* Education: Masters in art from California State University, Northridge, with an emphasis on advertising graphics.
* Occupation: Freelance artist.
* Starting out: It was like anybody who starts out in a career. It was frustrating. One of my teachers told me that to be an artist, it takes a lot of perseverance. The only other thing that interested me was dancing. The lighter side of me shows in my work but if there is one thing I fight for it's for what I believe in.
* Approach and sensibility: Whimsical with a country touch. I like to make people smile but I can be extremely serious with lifelike renderings or abstract pieces. An artist does not try to duplicate nature but to interpret it. When you draw, there is no point in acting like a camera by capturing the exactness of something. I've gone through stages with style. All artists do that. If you stay in one stage, you don't grow. I've always thought of art as not for art's sake only, but also as business. It's something that I can do, and I'm good at it, so I've been able to make a business out of it.
* Firsts: The first piece I ever sold was to a real estate firm to advertise a new housing project.
* Greatest professional achievement: I think what I'm doing right now. Every time I take a step, it's better than what I last did.
* On critically analyzing art: I have the attitude that an artist can do something just because they like it. In a basic studies situation, you have to know theories but you need to get beyond that. Understanding the basic rules are important but should not be externally imposed.
* The California Strawberry Festival: It is a juried festival. They get applications from all over the state of California and there are certain categories like wood and metal. I'm in a ceramics category.
* Feeding the soul: I'm very self-motivated. My work is my passion. If I don't sit down and do something creative, I'd start going bonkers in a couple of days. I don't create just for psychological reasons but because I really love what I do. In fact, if somebody really wanted to take something away from me, destroy my sense of who I am, that's how they would do it -- to take my art away.
* Past life influences: I've had readings done where I was told that I was an artist in my past lives. One of my past lives said that I lived in England and was a potterer. I was told that I've been a clothing designer at the turn of the century in one of the eastern states. Supposedly I was very outspoken for a woman in those times. I look at the direction I'm going with the ceramics and I feel like it's all coming back around.

Story compiled by Wonsun Choi
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