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You can  have us custom design something for you. You can provide the item or we will paint something for you that we have in stock.
These items have all been made especially for one of our clients. They have chosen the designs or we have designed it for them. Take a peek and see what can be done for you too.

For special orders, prices vary, so please contact us.

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" You should have heard my scream of delight when I opened the beautiful butterfly jar you did for my mother for Christmas!! It is almost as if you have ESP! I had in mind what I wanted the jar to look like, but had so much trouble finding it. I am so glad I emailed you and you were willing to make one for me. It is exquisite. I have no artistic talent whatsoever, but even if I did, I could not have designed one more perfect. She is going to be overjoyed. You have saved me an enormous burden -- my mother's Christmas gift is always one of the last things I get because I never have any ideas. This year I did, but after looking for it, pretty much gave up since it seemed hopeless. Thanks to you I'll be the favorite daughter this year!! You are the greatest. I'm listing your website under my favorites. God bless you.

Linda Cerullo"
"Hi Joy!

I just unpacked the mailbox and it is wonderful. I questioned whether I had chosen the right design, but once I pulled it out of the box I knew it was the right choice. My house is a 1930's bungalow/cottage type house and it is perfect. Thank you for doing such a quality job.

Can't wait to show it off!

"Hi Joy,

I wanted you to know that I have received my tile and they got here safely. I just love them. I already have them framed. Hobby Lobby did a wonderful job on framing them. While I was there getting them done, my hand-painted tiles sure did draw alot of attention. Thank you for making something happen that I've wanted for a long time. And thank you for doing a wonderful job.

Carolyn Stone
Hi Joy,

Received my soap & lotion cow and sunflower bottles today. They are exactly what I wonted. I love the room spay bottle. That was a good labeling. So cute, I will call again as I go into the next room. For a make over. Thanks so much, Barbara Hoskins

This customer had a card design that she wanted painted onto a plate.
Hi Joy,

Thank you so much!! The plate arrived yesterday and I really love it. I know my friend will treasure it! Thanks especially for being so fast!!


Joy, I cannot tell you how happy I am with the plate. It is absolutely perfect. You did such a beautiful job and I am so thankful it was here so soon. Thank you so much!! -Aimee
Joy - I received the frame this morning. It looks wonderful - You did a great job incorporating the two design elements and the stats. Thank you so much for taking on the project, all your work and the quick turnaround. I can't wait to give her the frame. I look forward to working with you in the future! Recommendations are forthcoming!

This customer is decorating her kitchen in apples.
Oh, we all love daisies!

I received the salt and pepper shakers - they are beautiful! It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to buying more from you in the future.

I just want to thank you for the glass pump bottle, it is very beautiful. I am very pleased with the work you did. It will look very nice in my bathroom.

Thank you and take care!!

Marta Lope
This special order was for a variety of lotion bottles with a lavender design.
A Texas theme for this customer
A customer wanted her coffee pot painted to match her dinnerware.
This special order was made to match the curtains in the background. She had her whole kitchen done with the daisies and blue flowers all going together.
A delightful combination of garden flowers were hand painted on these items to match a kitchen
Flames for a little boy
This special order had delightful sailboats designed for her on pour and lotion bottles.
This gal wanted the iris in her kitchen matched.
This special order was for a daughter who claims to be Queen Lauren
Zoe has her own piggy now.
Texas, anyone!
This special order was for a person who likes pelicans
This special order was for a pour bottle with red and yellow.
This special order was for a birdhouse lover.
This fruit design was a whole set. The bowls were provided by the client.
This person wanted a heart dish and sugar packet dish to match her kitchen. Her colors are red, purple and yellow. These came out quite colorful!
This tile had the design taken off of a serving tray and was made into a special welcome sign.
This special order was for lavender tulips and daisies on mini buckets.
Penguin Oil and Vinegar
"Hi Joy!

Many thanks for doing such a fabulous job on the Christmas glass balls. The gold paint was a very nice touch and of course the painting is wonderful. I can't wait to give them to friends and family this holiday season.

Thanks again!

Susan Chamberlin"
Joy, The bowls turned out wonderful. Thank you so much. *smile* Sheila
Hi Joy!

I want to thank you for all the special orders youíve done for me!!! I donít know how you do it, but I picture something in my mind and you are able to decorate the items I order with the perfection of what I have pictured Ė in other words your creations are exactly what I have imagined only much better! Thank you!

Truthfully, all of my friends visit my kitchens and bathrooms just to stare at the bottles & jars, canisters and salt & pepper shakers that youíve decorated for me. And, your variety of shapes and sizes in the items you offer fit what I put in them just right. My granddaughters just love the fish you painted for the beach condo items! It is also great to be able to carry the fish theme and colors through the condo with the different items youíve made. The items with the leaves for the mountain cabin take an ordinary basement bathroom and make it stylish, bright, and beautiful. The apple items for the cabin kitchen fit so perfectly with my great-grandmotherís pottery items that they could have been from the same set even though they are over 100 years apart in age. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

From a very satisfied and loyal customer,

Meg Johnston
Baby portraits for your Christmas tree
Hey Joy all I can say is WOW, I am blown away the plate is beautiful and I can not wait to send it to the kids, they will be thrilled. Thank you again for doing it so quickly I really appreciate it and will highly recommend you to everyone I can.

Thanks again!!!!!
Memories of a fun tine at New York , New York, Las Vegas
A Nautical them for the whole house